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Bryan Holland tells us a little about his work on display at the Arts Center of Saint Peter.

Layered Realities is a mix of oil painting, collage, found art, image transfer techniques and a variety of other techniques and experimentation. His work is influenced by graphic design, vintage art, painting, photography, mythology and a little bit of science and philosophy.

He is online at
Layered Realities will be shown through May 29th 2021.

New Cast Episode

Amber Rahe - TF Cast ep.34

Recent winner of the best in show award at the juried gallery show at the 410 Project in Mankato. View Amber's work at the 410 Project, the Union Market, and the St. Peter Art Center.

Recorded Feb 24, 2021

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Let's Talk About It is a new web show on Triple Falls hosted by Anisa Omar and Jasmine D'Avilar.

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The 410 Project,
Mankato Makerspace,
and Carnegie Art Center.

Arts Organizations are among the industries most effected by Covid-19 as spaces that typically rely on gathering people together for exhibitions, workshops and classes.

This was filmed in Fall of 2020.

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From re-broadcasting a zoom conference to broadcasting a full multi angle HD livestream with complete sound for bands and artists.

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Vox & Cajon - Andrew Peterson
Vox & Bass - Jacob Bases
Video - Willis Stout

FAQ - will there be a v2 from the Soap Boys?... possibly

Onion Bun live session | Read | Watch

We recorded a live session and QnA with Mankato local math rock band Onion Bun.

Check the video out here!

The Authentic Self, Intersecting Thoughts // 410 Project

This exhibition strengthens the idea that it's okay to just draw, to have minimal color and to not be afraid of mark making. When we draw a simple like we are only in tune with the mark we are creating, we don't have to think about perfection. As we get older, out vulnerability of showing how we draw is heightened, we hide our doodles from the public, change them through filters, or just stop doing them. - Read more...

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