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Triple Falls hosts artists, musicians, and creatives on their podcast to talk about art and grow the Mankato community.

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TF Cast Archive // Podcast Notes

Chris Bertrand - TF Cast ep.20

Chris Bertrand is a co-host of the "Keepin' It Local" show on KMSU and he plays in Just Mirlyn and Schell's Angels. We talked to him on the podcast about his upcoming album "By The Poor". He also played a few songs for us so stay tuned to give em a listen!

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Recorded - September 13, 2020

Dolly Baruah #RememberMeToo - TF Cast ep.19

The Remember Me Too movement aims to support international students with FREE groceries, health items, bicycle, housing, & internship opportunities.

We spoke with Dolly about her involvement with the group and the experiences of the students that she represents.

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Recorded - September 9th, 2020

Emily Dzieweczynski - TF Cast ep.18

Emily is a recent graduate of Gustavus college where she studied Studio Art and Psychological Sciences. In her work, she question the nature of reality through science, art, and technology with a focus on uncovering the ways we connect and experience empathy.

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Recorded - Sept 2, 2020

This is Perfect Harmony - TF Cast ep.17

Co. Owners Alycia Grace and Jenna Vagel joined us to talk about their brand "This is Perfect Harmony LLC". Perfect Harmony is a media company that covers music, art, environmental issues and festival culture. Starting as a written publication they are expanding into podcasting, event planning and school bus transformation.

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Recorded Aug 19, 2020

Peter Klug - TF Cast ep.16

Peter Klug is a resident of Eagle Lake and an active member of the local music scene he spoke with us today about his connection to the region, forthcoming album with his band Just Mirlyn' and involvement with numerous projects such as; Bee Balm Fields, Poor Lemuel and Watermelon Slush.

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Recorded on August 12, 2020

Andrew Slocum & Jack Fritz - TF Cast ep.15

Local skaters looking to help Mankato get it's own free public skate park!

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Recorded on August 5, 2020

Melissa Ketchum - TF Cast ep.14

Melissa is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and ordained interfaith minister.

We talked about the above and lots more in our podcast episode.

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Recorded on August 5, 2020

Sharee Buell - TF Cast ep.13

Organizer of the upcoming Turning Wheels for Racial Justice fundraiser which will donate to the local NAACP chapter.

Board member for the Blue Skunk Bike Polo team in Mankato

Sharee Buell spoke with us about Turning Wheels for Racial Justice a upcoming cycling fundraiser to benefit the Mankato NAACP chapter and address the racial disparity within the cycling community. We also had the opportunity to talk about Mankato cycling and the bike polo scene.

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Recorded on July 8, 2020

Fuzzy of FuzzTalkRadio - TF Cast ep.12

Fuzzy is a Mankato based promoter and radio personality who's been involved the music shows, shows, and projects in the area.

We talked about the evolving music scene in Mankato and the projects Fuzzy has been involved in.

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Recorded June 29th, 2020

Jasmine D'Avilar - TF Cast ep.11

We spoke with Jasmine about recent events, the daily protest Jasmine organizes at the Veterans Memorial Bridge, and our hopes for the TF Black Voices project.

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@JasmineDAvilar @theCrochetGay

Recorded June 10th, 2020

Ben Scruggs - TF Cast ep.10

We talked with Ben about being a musician in Mankato and playing in lots of bands.

TF Cast ep.10 (Full)

Ben Played 4 Songs from his upcoming album! They will be released soon on YouTube & Facebook

• Mad Man

• Cutting Teeth

• Wheel of Life

• Dog, Beer, and a Bong

Recorded May 26th, 2020

Project Bike - TF Cast ep.9

This week's cast episode we spoke with Dana & Kyle about project bike.

With her bike, trailer, and film crew, Sikkila has biked over 2,500 summer miles connecting with Minnesota artists living in communities ranging from the rural to large cities, learning what motivates her fellow Minnesotans to create art. Project Bike's mission is to showcase that art and artists are truly part of our chemistry as individuals, as communities, and as a state.

Project Bike will be on display at the MSP Airport this summer.

Project Bike is a Minnesota wide bicycle tour with visual artists and their studios setting the destinations. For the past five years creative leader Dana Sikkila has set out on a one of a kind art/bike tour, advocating for the important point that every artist has skills and creative ideas to help grow and sustain our communities. That we all have stories to share and that our art is the way we tell those stories.

Full Episode - YouTube

Recorded 200519

Jason Knudson - TF Cast ep.8

This week's cast episode we spoke with Jason about his musical projects including his band Loadie and the shifting landscape of the Mankato music scene.

Full Episode - YouTube

Music - Loadie - Free to Ride

Recorded 200318

Adam Steinke - TF Cast ep.7

Adam Steinke known musically as See Through Box Car played us some songs during a TF Cast session. Adam also is a co owner of Solstice Festival and owns and operates Bent River Outfitters.

Full Episode - YouTube

See Through Box Car Music

Recorded 200310

Laura Karels - TF Cast ep.6

Laura Karels of Bee Balm Fields band talked with us about her music, and music related projects. She told us about a summer project project called The River Rat Ramblers which includes bicycles and pop-up concerts?

TF Cast ep.6 - Here

Laura Karels Songs

Fallin' -

Sea of Sorrows -

Sunshine -

Recorded: March 3, 2020

Amanda Wirig - TF cast ep.5

Amanda Wirig is the Executive Director of the Emy Frentz Art's Guild in Mankato Minnesota. We talked with her about our new project Creative Commons, her work as a visual artist, and her involvement with the arts guild.

Full TF Cast - Here

Recorded 200224

Abby Daleki - TF Cast ep.4

Abby Daleki is a painter, musician, and a dancer.

Instagrams @abbydalekiart, @omnimatter, @speedweedmn, @satoriviolet, @flyfusion

Full Episode - YouTube

Recorded 200211

!intelligent Des!gn - TF Cast ep.3

Robert Kolbe aka !ntell!gent Des!gn is a Hip-Hop artist based in Mankato. We talked about performing at shows, Mankato's hip-hop scene, and the events he's putting on in and around Mankato.

Full Episode - YouTube

Recorded 200204

Jake Giller - TF Cast ep.2

Jake Giller is a rising hip hop artist in Minnesota. We talked about some of his recent shows, how he got started rapping, and his visions for the future.

Full Interview on YouTube

Listen to Jake Giller's latest ep here.

Sincerely Yours - Jake Giller

Catch Jake freestylin' on the Wisemen show

Jake Giller Music Facebook & Instagram

Recorded 200121

Zach Sproles - TF Cast ep.1

Zach Sproles of Onion Bun talked with us about his musical journey, the scene in Mankato, some upcoming shows, and his excitement for the direction of the musical community in Mankato.

Watch the full video on Youtube

Donate to the fundraiser to help Minneapolis bands replace gear that was stolen last weekend.

Watch Onion Bun play Live

This was episode 1 of the TF Cast. It will probably be turned into a podcast at some point.

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