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Justin joins us to talk about the upcoming dia de los muertos event in old town Mankato, his artwork and advocacy for mental health issues.

Live Session out now! w/ Bee Balm Fields, Onion Bun, and Kaleb Braun-Schulz

An Introduction to the PLRAC Artist Development Grant

Here's a video we produced for Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council! Every year they support many local artists and creators with grant funds.

Special thanks to Jaci Ullrich, Dana Sikkila Murphy, Bryan Holland Arts, and Brenda Root-Byron for coming together to make this possible.

This video walks you through an Artists journey to apply for a developing artist grant from the PLRAC.

Learn more and apply at

Triple Falls operates as a fully equipped mobile Live Stream studio.

From re-broadcasting a zoom conference to broadcasting a full multi camera HD livestream with complete sound for bands and artists.

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Let's Talk About It is a reoccurring webshow hosted by Jasmine D'Avilar and Anisa Omar produced by Triple Falls.

LTAI explores a range of topics through the lens of the experiences of young black activist women in the Mankato area.

Newest Music Live Sessions

We're here to promote and share cool music and art.

Upcoming Releases with Ocho and Sam Lacari

Note: - This page is still being constructed and organized. Thanks for your patience.

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Your continued support is vital to these nonprofits so that they can continue to offer their services and support the local artists.

The 410 Project,
Mankato Makerspace,
and Carnegie Art Center.

Arts Organizations are among the industries most effected by Covid-19 as spaces that typically rely on gathering people together for exhibitions, workshops and classes.

This was filmed in Fall of 2020.

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Special thanks to Dana Sikkala from the 410 Project who helped us come up with the questions and joined us for the adventure.

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