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TF Cast - March Updates!

Triple Falls is shooting a weekly podcast series that highlights Mankato Artists and Creatives!

Check out our lates episode with Adam Steinke.

You can check out all our episodes and show notes here.

During the cast sessions we've also been recording some songs with the musicians we feature on the show. Check out Laura Karels singing her song "Sea of Sorrows"

The Authentic Self, Intersecting Thoughts // 410 Project

This exhibition strengthens the idea that it's okay to just draw, to have minimal color and to not be afraid of mark making. When we draw a simple like we are only in tune with the mark we are creating, we don't have to think about perfection. As we get older, out vulnerability of showing how we draw is heightened, we hide our doodles from the public, change them through filters, or just stop doing them. - Read more...

Onion Bun live session | Read | Watch

We recorded a live session and QnA with Mankato local math rock band Onion Bun.

Check the video out here!

Beulah Rue just dropped an EP which contains the recordings from our live video. They are available for streaming on all platforms here.

Willis, 190727

Beige Interior will be playing at MoonFest 2019 on September 21st. We all went out for a walk in the forest and shot this promo video and got to hear their upcoming song titled "Thin Reality". They will be releasing the track on July 20th.

Willis, 190710

We just released our video we shot with Beulah Rue band in their remote practice studio. We got to hear 4 songs and ask some questions. Check it out on Youtube here.

We have plans to shoot with a few more musicians and artists in the area and are excited to bring those to you in the near future! Stay tuned!

Willis, 190707