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Chris Parker and Young Blac invited us to the studio to check out the new spot.

Young Blac and Chris Parker

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Your continued support is vital to these nonprofits so that they can continue to offer their services and support the local artists.

The 410 Project,
Mankato Makerspace,
and Carnegie Art Center.

Arts Organizations are among the industries most effected by Covid-19 as spaces that typically rely on gathering people together for exhibitions, workshops and classes.

This was filmed in Fall of 2020.

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Special thanks to Dana Sikkala from the 410 Project who helped us come up with the questions and joined us for the adventure.

New Cast Episode

Amber Rahe - TF Cast ep.34

Recent winner of the best in show award at the juried gallery show at the 410 Project in Mankato. View Amber's work at the 410 Project, the Union Market, and the St. Peter Art Center.

Recorded Feb 24, 2021

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