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Triple Falls has been providing news coverage and documentation of some of the Protests in Mankato, MN resulting from the death of George Floyd.

We plan to cover Mankato news and events for as long as we can, we believe this is an important service to the community and the best use of our skills. That said we wont be holding signs or actively participating in protests so there is no confusion about our presence as press.

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TF Update 001

Willis and Jacob go live to deliver you the latest Triple Falls news and Updates.

After being shut down for nearly 60 days we are able to resume producing our podcast and artist spotlight series.

We will be navigating the ongoing health crisis in a way that prioritizes the health and safety of our guests, community, and team.

This is a PSA brought to you by your friends at Triple Falls.

We hope this fun post finds you well.

We recorded a live session and QnA with Mankato local math rock band Onion Bun.

Check the video out here!

Onion Bun live session | Read | Watch

We just released our video we shot with Beulah Rue band in their remote practice studio. We got to hear 4 songs and ask some questions. Check it out on Youtube here.

We have plans to shoot with a few more musicians and artists in the area and are excited to bring those to you in the near future! Stay tuned!

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